Skylander R22 Fushion is the latest product from New Armada introduced in 2024. Skylander R22 Fushion is here to answer market needs, buses with Conventional & Sleeper passenger configurations. 

Brand New Armada
Model Skylander R22 Fusion
Height 3850
Width 2500
Length 13500

The arrangement of lighting and also the dynamic ceiling & AC Lover design are the keys to passenger comfort.

 Carrying the stream line body concept, the exterior of the Skylander R22 comes with distinctive characteristics. The partition separating the upper & lower windshield is claimed to be the thinnest and will not obstruct the view of the passengers inside. The iconic & sturdy side garnish does not obstruct the passenger's view from inside.

Skylander R22 Fushion offers a new experience. With a combined configuration of conventional seat & sleeper seat. Passengers can choose the type of seat they will choose.

 The headlights are designed with a bold theme. With several sharp curved lines and a dominant matte black color at the bottom. The construction is made so that it can be opened downwards, so maintenance access is very easy and wide.

 The Skylander R22 Dashboard Concept is Driver-oriented. Panel panel access is made so that drivers can easily reach it.

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